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Imagine white, sandy beaches, lush greens, hay huts, a soft breeze, and, of course, a fresh poke bowl. Can you feel it? That's the Pick a Poke effect with every spoonful of our delightful home creations inspired by a mix of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian cuisine.
Our story is a tale of love, passion, and diversity, just like Hawaii, where cultural richness gives birth to beautiful people, delightful dishes, and unforgettable experiences. For us, it all began in 2016, when a young couple, in love with life, decided to open one of the very first Poke joints in Lebanon on the historical Abdel Wahab Street in Achrafieh.

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What We Offer

Get Poked!

Portable bowls of goodness, customized to taste. Great for seafood lovers who like their meals healthy, fulfilling and fresh!

Get Shaved!

Our one-of-a-kind Shaved ice cream. They come in all shades of happiness and are meant to tickle your senses!

What We Stand For

Locally Rooted

Most of our organic vegetables and fruits are handpicked and locally sourced.

Especially Made

Our sauces and shaved ice cream concoctions are home- made with love, following our recipes.

Sustainably Sourced

We believe in sustainable fishing and source our fish from eco- friendly farms.

Naturally Good

We use the best and freshest ingredients for a splash of delicious flavors.

Carefully Crafted

We adopt strict hygiene and safety measures to ensure our products and high quality.

Served with a Smile

Our space inspires urban vibes, positive energy, and warmth while offering a friendly service.